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About the Initiative

As a part of its mission to promote the understanding and appreciation of the Dominican culture, values and heritage, and to create opportunities for discussions of contemporary issues relevant to the Dominican society in the homeland and abroad, GFDD reaches out to the Dominican community living the New York Metro Area and to all those interested in the Dominican culture by organizing ongoing events: Dominican Get-togethers in the Big Apple.

The objectives are:
- To enjoy and celebrate Dominican culture, its prominent figures and its upcoming talents;

- To promote a better understanding of the Dominican culture’s richness and diversity;

- To create a space for reflection and discussion of topics relevant to the Dominican community in the US and in the homeland;

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The Trio of Karim Mella, Ivan Gomez and Federico Jovine

More than three months of arduous preparation and grueling training at the Dominican Republic ’s highest peak, Pico Duarte, preceded the climb up Mount Everest.

During this time the mountaineers endured:
- sub-zero temperatures
- flu
- altitude sickness
- frost bite,

All in order to be the first team of climbers to proudly hoist the Dominican flag 8,848 meters above sea level on behalf of all their compatriots.

Interactive presentation about the preparations, participation and arrival

An interactive presentation about their experience. Karim y Federico will make an interactive presentation about their experience (preparations, participation and arrival).

Panel Discussion

A Panel discussion with Excelsior Group mountaineers Karim Mella, Federico Jovine who will talk about their amazing expedition to the highest point on earth.

Date: November 18, 2011
Hour: 6:30PM
Location: Columbia University Faculty House. Skyline Dining Room
64 Morningside Drive (at 116th St .)
New York, NY 10027