About Johnny Ventura

His real name is Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano but everyone knows him as Johnny Ventura. Born March 1940 in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo, he has been on the music scene for nearly 60 years.

He wanted to be an architect and also studied Administration and Office Communication but his destiny was obvious – he had to be a singer. While studying at the Chavalie Marketing Institute, Johnny entertained at all the school’s cultural activities with his singing, dancing, his performances and as an MC. He not only charmed all the girls, he dazzled everyone around him. Recognizing his talent, his friends took him to the Voz de Alegría (Voice of Joy) program where he won first prize. This was 1956 and the rest is history. And what a history it has been – constant triumphs and, above all, a love story between him and his fans.

Johnny is the most prolific Dominican musician in terms of making records: 105 of the most award-winning productions, including 28 gold records, two platinum, one Latin Grammy and one Excellence Grammy, among many other music awards. He has traveled all around the world with his music and has received recognition, medals and the keys to various cities around the globe. He was even honored by Congress as the “Merengue Artist of the Century.” He is known to be the first Dominican artists invited to attend the inauguration of an American President: Jimmy Carter in 1974.

Johnny Ventura, lawyer by profession, has also developed an extensive political career that spans 43 years in his country, the Dominican Republic.